American Business Association

We are consumers like everyone else and a business too.

Who are we?

We are consumers like everyone else and a business too.

Why are we in business?

We have participated for years with existing online networking organizations and have been frustrated with their performance.

What are we doing?

Over time, we have developed a better online platform that consumers and businesses can trust to perform in the best interest of both. The main differences are:
We pre-qualify businesses and Consumer Requests.
Consumer Requests stay within the ABA network.
Our services are truly free for serious consumers.
Consumers are not bombarded with calls.
We get involved in the process and make meaningful calls.
Trust is built in.

How are we providing solutions?

Our online platform:
Takes the tools and trusted data available for consumers to the next level.
Provides a respectful Consumer Request follow-up process.
Includes ABA people that get to know consumers and businesses.

We get involved in the process. A trusting business relationship environment is the result.

Business Membership Benefits
Consumer Membership Benefits

When are we providing solutions?

Now. We are getting to know local consumers and businesses. We are growing both by industry segment and geographic area into a nationwide networking organization.

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