American Business Association


The ABA conducts a background check and insists that the business displays a document showing that they are a legally registered business with their state government. Only after these standards are met, are businesses accredited with Silver or higher membership status

No. ABA policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing a particular business, product or service. This is to ensure trust and fairness. An ABA-accredited business must meet certain standards and retain this high level of quality to retain their accreditation. You can search our website for accredited businesses by geographical location and/or industry.

No. ABA reviews accredited and non-accredited businesses. Our reviews note a business's accreditation status as well as performance of service.

Nothing. We can follow up with you to find out what happened and help solve a problem if possible but you can choose not to deal with ABA Business Member responders if you wish.

Contact us. Let us know where you are and which business category/sub-category you would like to do business in. We are growing fast, and would like to know the details of your desired Consumer Request so that we may plan to target the industry you are interested in.

ABA’s value to the business community is based on marketplace neutrality. ABA’s purpose is not as an advocate for businesses or consumers but instead to act as a mutually trusted intermediary. Businesses support the ABA because a trustworthy marketplace is in everyone’s best interests.

Yes, if the Business Member registers as a consumer member, they can post a Consumer Request with the ABA, just like any other Consumer Member. Businesses can register with the ABA as Business Members and/or as a Consumer Member. However, only Consumer Members can post Consumer Requests. Businesses that register as both Business and Consumer Members enjoy all of the benefits that the American Business Association has to offer